Welcome to the home of the Linlithgow Academy Pupil Council.

Here you will find all about the council. 

Who are the Council?



My favourite subject is maths and I enjoy running and programming in my spare time.I wanted to be part of pupil council as I wanted to have my opinion on how to make the school a better place. I think being a representative for my year group will be a great experience for me.  


I really enjoy music and science and in my spare time painting and playing my baritone horn. I wanted to join pupil council because I want my years and all year's voices to be heard and all ideas considered.


In school the subject I enjoy most is maths and I am interested in gaming and filmmaking. I joined the pupil council because I feel the importance of pupil voice and think it deserves to be heard in the school.



My favourite school subset is Graphics and I enjoy playing the violin and swimming. I wanted to join to make a difference in the school because I saw things that I wanted to change and I thought I would like to give others in my year a platform for suggestions and problems.


My favourite subjects are drama and home-economics. My hobbies are football and aerial circus. I wanted to join to contribute to the decisions in school and also how we can improve it.



I really enjoy chemistry and English as well as dancing and gymnastics outside of school. I wanted to join the pupil council so that my year group had a voice within the school for their thoughts on how to make the school a better place for everyone and for these thoughts to be taken into account.


In school my favourite subject is business and I enjoy strategy games. I wanted to be a part of the council because I want a say in the running of the school.


Lucy - Minutes Secretary

My favourite subject is art and outside of school my hobbies include tae kwon-do and painting.I joined the pupil council because  I wanted to be able to communicate pupils ideas and opinions to teachers and help improve experiences within the school




Ellie - Public Relations Officer

My favourite subject is art and I enjoy going to see my favourite bands live. I joined the pupil council because I wanted to ensure the pupil council was at the forefront of the school's decision making, and not just a "tick-in-the-box."

Callum - Treasurer

In school I really enjoy physics. My hobbies include golf and football as well as looking after my pet snake Harry. I wanted to be a part of the pupil council to give back to the school and take part in its decisions.


Finlay - Chair

In school my favour subject is mathematics but I also have an interest in economics and sport.  I joined the pupil council in S3 because I wanted to become involved in the running of  Linlithgow Academy and contribute to what goes on behind the scenes. I have enjoyed watching the progress that has been made over the years and have loved being a part of The Big Quiz, Parliament Week and many other events which the pupil council are involved in. I cannot wait to lead more meetings and plan even more events with all the pupil council members for the school in the future.

Eilidh - Vice-chair

I love singing, dancing, acting and all things musical theatre! When I can, I love spending time with friends & family, watching Netflix & working teaching little kids at my performing arts school. I joined the pupil council to give back to the school and take part in its decisions.