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Bumper Month of Sport

The end of May and the start of June - great times!

14 June


Niall Dickinson

At the end of May, Wallace Fencing Academy held the last of this year's 'Fun 24' competitions.
Fencers from all over Scotland, including Shetland, competed, but our own Niall Dickinson was awarded the Senior Master at Arms trophy, for the most points over the course of the year.

Two weeks later, the Leon Paul Junior Series came to town, with Wallace Fencing Academy hosting the Scottish competition in the games hall.
This is an annual event, and has proved a great place for the fencers of Linlithgow (the current Scottish School's champions) to shine.

This year proved no different.

Ellen Beard


 3rd  U15 Epee

Calum McGhee


 1st U15 Epee         5th U15 Foil        3rd U15 Sabre

David Sandham


 7th  U15 Epee        8th U15 Foil        5th  U15 Sabre

Niall Dickinson


 3rd  U15 Epee       7th U15 Foil         6th  U15 Sabre

Owen Dickinson


 9th  U15 Epee       10th U15 Foil       7th  U15 Sabre

Sarah Henry


 3rd  U15 Epee        3rd  U15 Foil      1st  U15 Sabre 

Alice Petersen


 3rd U13 Epee        13th U13 Foil      6th U13 Sabre

Lily Paton


 3rd  U15 Epee  


Interested in fencing?
Check out the Linlithgow Fencing Club / Wallace Fencing Academy's page here: Wallace Fencing Academy



We were very proud of our team of 50 athletes who took part in the West Lothian Track and Field Championships last week.
Although the official results have still to come through, we'd like to share these results with you...

S3 Girl High Jump

- Kayla Smith won bronze



- S1 Boys Rowan Whitworth won Gold

- S2 Girls Ellie Hamilton won Silver

- S2 Boys Evan McHugh won Bronze

- S3 Boys Andrew McGill won Gold (with a Championship record)

- Senior Girls Isla Calvert won Gold (with a Championship record)

- Senior Boys Alistair Marshall won Gold (with a Championship record)


Senior Girls Javelin

- Jenny Brown won Gold



- S2 Boys Jack Fleming won Gold

- S3 Boys Ross Wells won Gold



- S1-2 Girls - Bronze ( Ella Bisht, Lucy Roy, Rebecca Dove & Freya Lamont)

- S1-2 Boys - Gold (Jack Fleming, Sam Green, Jack Magee & Fraser Miller)

- S3 Girls - Bronze (Katherine Patterson, Mila Sinclair, Sandrine Bakam & Juliet Biddulph)

- S3 Boys - Gold ( Euan Walker, Ross Wells, Luke Callaghan & Eiaon Magee)

- Senior Girls - Silver (Isla Calvert, Sophie Ward, Leaha Batchelor & Emily Earsman)


We're very proud of all our sportsmen and women.

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