Current Opportunities



Applications are now open for SKY apprenticeships in Livingston technology (there are many jobs as well as programming !) - you can apply from 16 up and they are looking for problem solvers and team players more than anything. There is a qualification at the end of the 2 year programme and they encourage young people who have completed their apprenticeship to do a degree on a day a week work release  whilst still getting full pay.

Anyone interested should follow the link for further details.



Linlithgow Rose FC is looking for a volunteer (S4-6) who may be interested in filming our matches - both to help supporters who are less able to attend or live in another part of the country and to support the team manager with analytics which he can build into training and match preparation with our players.

This may be an opportunity for a pupil who is seeking to build a Media Studies portfolio. 

The club would be happy to meet with anyone interested. 




NHS Lothian Summer Volunteering Placement

Applications for NHS Lothian Summer Volunteering Placement for young people aged 16-25 are now open. The summer placement is a chance for young people to gain insight into the NHS, not just for aspiring doctors, but for everybody.

More information and application forms are available from Mr Forrester.