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Coronavirus Update

School update - message for parent/carer


I am writing to update you on the latest decisions on the re-opening of schools.

The Scottish Government has announced that the next phase of reopening education will take place on Monday 15 March unless new evidence or new circumstances force it to reconsider. Detailed guidance from the Scottish Government is expected to be published next week, and we will provide a further update when we have this information.


Pupils in P4-7 will return to school on Monday 15 March, joining P1-3 pupils who are already back at school. Arrangements for vulnerable children and the children of keyworkers will end, and these children will re-join their normal classes.

Breakfast clubs will start on Monday 15 March, and after school clubs based in school premises will be able to restart from that date. Please contact your after school club for further details.

Schools will contact parents/carers by Friday 12 March with any further details of the return.


From 15 March, all secondary pupils will receive some remote learning and some in-school teaching.  Each school will decide how to safely balance remote and in-school learning based on local circumstances and needs. Senior phase students (S4-S6) who are taking national qualifications will have priority for face-to-face lessons in school.

Arrangements for remote learning for pupils who are currently not in school will be affected by these new plans, and schools will contact parents/carers to inform them of the changes which are necessary.

It is the Scottish Government's expectation that all secondary school pupils will be back in school on a full time basis after the Easter holidays.

Schools will contact parents/carers by Friday 12 March with further details of when individual pupils should attend school. 

We will inform you of any changes to arrangements for minimising risk, for example face coverings and physical distancing, when Scottish Government Guidance is published.

ASN Schools and Units

Headteachers of ASN Schools have already discussed arrangements for individual children and young people for return from 11 January and these arrangements will continue, in discussion with parents and carers.


Pupils who travel by school transport will continue to be able to do so. If it is necessary to alter arrangements for any pupils, parents/carers will be informed by Friday 12 March.

We will inform you of any changes to arrangements for minimising risk, for example face coverings and physical distancing, when Scottish Government Guidance is published.

School Meals

School meals will be available for primary pupils, and secondary pupils when they are in school at lunchtime, and those entitled will receive free school meals. 

Direct payments to parents/carers of secondary pupils entitled to free school meals will continue until a full time return to school is achieved.

Secondary Schools - Children of Keyworkers, and Vulnerable Children

We will inform you of any changes to arrangements for children of keyworkers and vulnerable children when Scottish Government Guidance is published.

Clinically Vulnerable Children and Young People

We will inform you of any changes to arrangements for clinically vulnerable children and young people when Scottish Government Guidance is published.

Once again, I would like to thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, to support your child's learning. Our schools and centres are grateful for all the support you have given during the period of remote learning.  We know how challenging this time has been.

Yours sincerely
Dr Elaine Cook
Depute Chief Executive

Important for parents/carers of vulnerable pupils and children of key workers

The normal Attendance Policy and procedures still apply. If you have been allocated a place to attend school/nursery you must inform the school if your child will not attend, as you would normally. (for example, if you have an alternative arrangement, they are ill or have a medical appointment).

If your child does not attend on the days allocated to them a GroupCall message will be sent to you recording the non-attendance.

FAQs regarding Return to School 

Why are schools/Early Learning and Childcare centres (ELCs) opening late and why is the first week home/online learning?

Will all schools/ELCs be open or will it be a number of hub schools only?

How do I apply for a Keyworker place for my child at school?

Who is classed a key worker?

I'm a key worker. Should I apply for a key worker place for my children if my partner is not a key worker, one of us is able to work from home or I can make essential informal childcare arrangements?

What days can apply for?

I've applied for a key worker place for my children - when will I hear back?

I applied for a key worker place for my child/children and was not successful. Can I appeal or question the decision?

Will normal absence arrangements apply?

Are school staff classed as key workers?

Are arrangements for ELCs the same as schools?

Will Beatlie, Pinewood, Ogilvie, Connolly and Cedarbank schools be open from Wednesday 6 January?

What are the arrangement for children identified as vulnerable?

What if I believe my child to be vulnerable and we haven't heard anything?

Does my child need to wear school uniform?

Can I drop off my child and collect my child around my working times?

Is school transport still operating?

Are breakfast clubs still running?

Will my child still be able to get a school meal?

What arrangements are in place for children eligible for free schools meals who are not in school?

What are the arrangements for home/online learning on the week of Monday 11 January?

Will schools/ELCS re-open as normal on Monday 18 January?

What are the plans for senior pupils who are due to take part in assessments?

Are private nurseries allowed to open?

Will West Lothian College be open?


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