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Health & Wellbeing (HWB)

During the current period where pupils are learning from home we would like to highlight the following resource. Click on the following link for sources of support Icon for pdf Sources of Support - Secondary [50.93KB]

Home Learning Survival Guide from SMILE Icon for pdf Home Learning Survival Guide [647.99KB]

The health and wellbeing of all young people is the responsibility of all staff.

Home Economics, PSE and PE lend themselves particularly well to HWB, however, there are links throughout all other subjects too.

Good mental and physical health is central to effective learning and will prepare young people for their future journeys both during and after their school career.

All young people within Linlithgow Academy have the opportunity to meet with their Pupil Support Teacher each year. They can also request to meet for support throughout the year as needed.

HWB1                  HWB2

Teachers and support staff will monitor young people throughout their time at Linlithgow Academy and any wellbeing concerns will be reported to Pupil Support Staff. A discussion will then take place with the young person with action taken as required.

It's important to look after yourself in all areas of your life. Keeping yourself emotionally healthy is just as important as keeping physically healthy.

Consider the GIRFEC Well-being indicators (SHANNARI) when thinking about your wellbeing:


Wellbeing Check-ins

  • At regular intervals within the school session, our young people will have the opportunity to self-report on their wellbeing considering the wellbeing indicators.
  • Pupil support staff will review the results and "one trusted adult" conversations will take place to support young people identifying concerns.
  • The results of the check-ins are evaluated to consider next steps required for HWB within Linlithgow Academy.


HWB Noticeboard

Located at the front of the school to the left of Reception.


Within Linlithgow Academy, pupils can access a number of supports for many different reasons, noted within our Well-being Pledge:


Link to the Well-being Pledge Icon for word LA Pupil HWB Pledge [321.98KB]

YourSpace School Counsellor

Young people can self-refer for a lunchtime drop-in session through a "drop-in slip" outside the Hub or by emailing YourSpace School Coordinator


Link to School Counselling Service document Icon for word Pupil Counselling Service [133.71KB]

Our Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy

The Policy Aims to:

  • Promote positive mental health for all staff and pupils
  • Increase understanding and awareness of common mental health issues
  • Highlight and promote key national and world-wide events
  • Alert staff to early warning signs of mental ill health in both young people and their colleagues
  • Provide support and training to staff working with young people with mental health issues
  • Provide support to pupils and staff suffering mental ill health and their peers and parents/carers

Summary of our Policy Icon for word Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy (Summary) [15.4KB]

Health & Wellbeing Policy document Icon for word Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy [630.62KB]

Support outside of school


There are a huge range of other support available outside of school.      

Click on the following link to take you to the Support section of website:

Useful Links Section

Health & Wellbeing Calendar

At points throughout the year, our young people will be introduced to reminders about the health and wellbeing, maintaining a positive focus on key dates to celebrate and embrace while highlighting support available should things be difficult. These events will be celebrated in class, through the screen at the front of the school, daily bulletin, twitter and website.


Whatever your HWB concern, Pupil Support are here to support you ......




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